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How do you build a strong family culture?

Ever wonder why biker gang members ride in packs, all sporting the same sleeveless leather jackets, riding the same brand of bike, and wearing the same "helmet" (aka their super cool hairdos)? These similarities represent biker gang culture. Their strong culture acts like social super glue, bonding group members together while encouraging similar (1) values, (2) behaviors, and (3) beliefs (the 3 components of culture).

As a parent, you can take advantage of this social super glue to bond your family together while helping your children adopt positive universal values, good behaviors, and constructive beliefs.

THE IMPORTANCE OF INTENTIONALLY CREATING A POSITIVE FAMILY CULTURE Establishing a strong family culture is essential for 3 primary reasons: (1) As humans we need to belong, (2) Our children will find a group to belong to, and (3) A strong family culture makes parenting SO much easier

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